Mirabel Miscala - BFA Project 2014

Show Dates: March 31 - April 4, 2014, Gallery 5


"Once Upon a Time" will be a full screen web-based interactive narrative, projected onto a gallery wall. The work will be a large projected screen telling viewers a simple interactive story and providing them with directions, through which the audience can progress the story and navigate to make decisions provided to them, by clicking on certain links and buttons.

In the gallery space, the audience will be able to navigate the website while viewing and experiencing it on a larger scale within the room. The project can be viewed online on its own website on any device, but projected within the gallery walls it will be both an individual and group interactive experience. Sounds and/or animations may be used.

Being interested in the world of web art, hypertext fiction, and narratives within games, I find a lot of significance in the role of the player as a decision maker and the role of the medium as a storyteller. To me, the dynamic and interaction between them is as important and interesting, if not more, than the story itself. As a hypertext-centered work inspired by traditional web choose-your-own-adventure games, this project will explore that dialogue between the storyteller/designer and the audience/player. My purpose is also to challenge the theme and idea of "choice" within traditional games, text adventures, and websites.


2/13/2014 - Decided to do a retelling of the story Boots Who Made the Princess Say, "That's A Story!" a Norweigan Tale by by Asbjørnsen and Moe, as the main narrative of the project. The test site of the retelling of the story can be seen here. No sounds or images, yet.
The next step, once the full script and text is fleshed out, is to get a voice actor to deliver a few lines and figure out the different branches it can take.

1/14/2014 - A test site can be seen here

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Steve Durie and Shannon Wright