portfolio of mirabel miscala


feather dance shoes

Wordpress / E-commerce / HTML / CSS / Front-end / SEO

Feather Dance Shoes is an e-commerce store based in the Bay Area, CA, offering a wide range of ballroom dance accessories and products. I had the excellent opportunity to partner with the owners to redesign the format of their old site into a cleaner and more modern design and content management system.

This was a Wordpress setup and installation from scratch, with customization and content that highlighted the ballroom dance store and its products. I also offered Digital Marketing consultation, building a foundation for SEO best practices, integrating Google Analytics, and offering solutions and features for online marketing.



Wordpress / HTML / CSS / SEO / Front-End / Content

Chummie is a popular bedwetting treatment system with a colorful family of products targeted for both kids and adults.

With a team of graphic designers and content writers, I managed the project website update and complete redesign, formatting all old content into a cleaner and more accessible website. We collaborated on fun graphics and compelling informative content to draw traffic and highlight the features of the Chummie product.



Wordpress / E-commerce / HTML / CSS / Front-end / SEO / Content Management

OSBW is the largest project I have worked on. In development for months, OSBW is a major e-commerce site dedicated to providing an extensive resource of products, information, and services for treating enuresis and reaching audiences of all ages and health situations.

I worked with an excellent team of graphic designers, content writers, and IT consultants to lead the design, development, launch, and maintenance of the website. With over 100+ pages of content, it was a very ambitious project with many iterations, feedback, and changes.


2012 zero1 biennial

Drupal / HTML / CSS / Web Content Management

ZERO1 is a non-profit organization in the Silicon Valley, dedicated to connecting artists, researchers, and scientists to experiment with art and technology.

The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial was an international showcase and gathering of thought-provoking projects, artists, events and experiences. I had the awesome opportunity to be involved in the maintenance and update of the main website, uploading and building content, while proving web and marketing support as necessary.


sjsu academic technology

HTML / CSS / Web Content Management

The San Jose State Academic Technology website is SJSU's main online resource for providing instructional support and administrative technology for the learning and teaching environment. The department is comprised of several other units and teams dedicated to supporting the university's technology goals and advancements.

With a team of other web assistants, we migrated the department website's content from an old system to the newer content management system, OUCampus. This migration process included collaborating with different academic technology teams and department staff on content, design, and imagery, and implementing them according to university standards.




SJSU Dancesport 2015

Documentary - Adobe Premiere Pro, DSLR Filmography

One Art

Visual Poem - After Effects


3 minute non-narrative - Adobe Premiere Pro, DSLR Filmography

Blue screen test

Test video - Final Cut Pro, blue screen